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Public Policy Agency founding partner Crypto Delta Foundation

Public Policy Agency takes pride being a founding partner of the Crypto Delta Foundation. Crypto Delta is a not for profit initiative aimed at connecting the traditional capital market with the new digital asset industry to create a Dutch ecosystem for digital assets issuances based on blockchain technology.

The founding partners of Crypto Delta are:

  • Allen & Overy: An international law firm with depth off experience in the technology sector and the legal and regulatory aspects of capital markets.

  • Chaintip: A decentralized exchange for tokenised shares and other digital assets for small- and medium enterprises.

  • KAS BANK: A european specialist in custody and administration of securities for professional investors in the pension- and securities markets.

  • Liqwith: ‘Innovators in Finance’, specialised in issuing, distributing and managing of digital assets.

  • Public Policy Agency: Provides support in strategic positioning and relations with regulators, governments and politics.

  • La Gro Geelkerken Advocaten: An innovative firm with enterprising IT and Corporate lawyers specialised in the legal and technical developments of digital assets.

  • Business Creation: A redevelopment company that supports companies in implementing viable alternatives for company branches that are no longer profitable or are no longer part of the core activities.

Why digital assets?

Tokenisation* of traditional, illiquid assets to digital assets can lead to more accessible and efficient capital markets. The most prominent advantages are:

  • Liquidity and flexibility because digital assets are easily transferable, even in markets where this previously was not possible, such as real estate.

  • Less risk due to fractionalisation of ownership, leading to a more diversified investment portfolio.

  • Reliability as a result of the transparent and immutable properties of the blockchain, reducing fraud.

  • Cost effective, because in a digital environment several steps can be automated.

For more information on Crypto Delta, visit the website:

*Tokenisation is the conversion of ownership of physical assets like company shares and bonds in digital form (on the blockchain or other Distributed Ledger Technology). These “digital assets” are easily transferable, creating the potential for liquidity. If you have any questions, please contact:

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