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Public Affairs Nederland

Focus on the interface between law, politics and business

Public Policy Agency offers business consultancy and public affairs support with focus on the interface
between law, politics and business.


Public policy related players may not be on top of your stakeholder list, but the impact of politics and public policy makers is nonetheless a reality.

Can’t legal advisors deal with it?

To some extend yes. Normally legal advisors are well-equipped to deal with procedural aspects of regulatory challenges and setting the right framework for compliance policies. 

However, what happens when you have followed the right procedure, but your message did not come across to relevant policy-makers and administrative decision makers? And subsequently, what if your business is threatened to be regulated in a way that does not seem right? Would sticking to your legal approach help?


Our culture

We believe in matrix organisations, not in pyramid hierarchies. Our culture is down-to-earth and we value honest dialogue.



We are located in The Hague, governmental seat of The Netherlands. Approximately two hours away from EU capital Brussels and one hour from Amsterdam.


Our leadership & network

Public Policy Agency is led and founded by Jan Puts, an independent public policy expert with 20 years’ experience in public & regulatory affairs. Based on our clients’ needs Jan will bring together the right team for the job.  

EPPA Public Affairs The Hague has a cooperation agreement with Public Policy Agency. Public Policy Agency is the trusted advisor of  EPPA on digital public affars strategy and EPPA is the preferred supplier of Dutch political intelligence for Public Policy Agency.

Public Policy Agency helps organizations to navigate in the public domain. Connecting business needs with legal, (political) communication and public affairs work-streams to support your core business. Public Policy Agency looks at the bigger picture of regulatory challenges. Helping organizations to develop or improve their public policy strategy and select the right tactics and actions. This can be done in the analysing phase: defining the potential effect of draft legislation on your business activities. But it also can be done by focusing on how to shift the threat that already has been defined. A large part of our work relates to shaping draft legislative measures. We develop creative and effective corporate public affairs campaigns that support our clients’ business objectives.

Public Policy Agency combines extensive private sector experience with in-house public sector knowledge. Public Policy Agency works with a network of independent experts providing sector-specific industry knowledge depending on your needs. We help your internal and external advisors to come to an integrated approach. We have in-depth knowledge of EU competition law and the proven ability to quickly get to the heart of complex policy issues, analyse the business risks and advise on the appropriate response.


You are important to us. You can see us as your boutique public affairs shop, with a customer-oriented approach that helps you achieve your goals in the public domain through an integrated legal, government relations and public affairs approach.

team Discussie


Regulation does not begin or end with legislation enacted by the government. It is preceded by an entire process of policy development and sometimes public outcry. An issue that starts with a public discussion and results in a political debate can jeopardise the reputation of a company or even an entire industry. Your licence to operate can be at risk as a result.

Furthermore, laws that are passed can give rise to regulatory supervision and legal concerns. A successful objection to over-regulation is not only based on sound legal arguments but also on timing and good communication with the general public and politicians. These matters are all  connected.

​Public Affairs for an interconnected world

We connect and engage with our clients' stakeholder landscape to ensure political & public policy due diligence. Public Affairs in an increasingly interconnected world means more than having political connections. Public opinion on technology and data usage is more dynamic than ever before. External stakeholders’ attitudes and actions determine your company’s reputation and level of success.

We understand how to position your company in a field where public opinion has not yet been fully formed and regulators are testing the water.



Communication (technology) has changed dramatically in recent years. The (responsible) collection & use of Big Data is likely to be responsible for the next big impact on society. The speed at which and ways in which people, organisations and machines (IoT) interact has reached an unprecedented level and continues to evolve. Issues and crises subsequently evolve in the same fast-paced way and this is why it is wise for organisations to ensure they are prepared for multiple scenarios and able to take quick action when issues arise.



You cannot predict (or prevent) each crisis, but you can be sure you have the right framework in place to deal with it.

Public Policy Agency will help you be prepared and will be there to offer support in resolving issues if and when they do arise.

Our vision
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