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Public Affairs Nederland

Securing your licence to operate, enhancing your business

Securing your licence to operate, enhancing your business
Analyse. Strategize. Organise.


Public Policy Agency combines extensive private sector experience with in-house public sector knowledge. 

First we analyse public policy risks. Than we develop a creative and effective corporate public affairs response that support our clients’ business objectives. 


You can see us as your boutique public affairs shop, with a customer-oriented approach that helps you achieve your goals in the public domain through an integrated regulatory, government relations and communications approach.


Regulation does not begin or end with legislation enacted by the government. It is often preceded by an entire process of policy development and sometimes public outcry.


An issue that starts with a public discussion and results in a political debate can jeopardise the reputation of a company or even an entire industry. Your licence to operate can be at risk as a result.

  • Energy (upstream & downstream)

  • IT

  • Tech (online platforms)

  • Telecommunications


Other specialism:

  • Competition Law (non-litigation)

  • EU Policy & Decision-making

  • Foreign Affairs

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